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  1. The average American does less physical activity a day than they did 200 years ago and their average body temperature is lower than previously thought, according to a newly published study.
  2. The black crosses refer to the Cross of Bromholm, which was said to contain a a piece from Jesus's cross. The manuscript also includes prayers and practices for Christian worshippers.
  3. To be built in Austin, Texas, the project is the result of a collaboration between homebuilding firm Lennar and construction engineering company ICON.
  4. There are 478 ancient ceremonial complexes that can't be seen with the human eye in modern-day Mexico, but can be detected with lidar technology, University of Arizona experts report.
  5. The UN report says promises made by countries across the world will fail to keep the global temperature under 1.5°C this century, a target set in the 2015 Paris Agreement to tackle climate change.
  6. Multiple prides of lions at two separate U.S. zoos - in Colorado and Utah - have tested positive for COVID-19's delta variant, the animal sanctuaries said late on Monday.
  7. Fossilized plants dating back 75 million years ago were found on Antarctica. Experts took a deep look and found charcoal characteristics that stem from wildfires that ravaged the continent.
  8. The radio signal that researchers initially thought came from the Proxima Centauri star system is likely nothing more than a 'false positive.'
  9. The 'Xturismo' - the brainchild of Tokyo-based drone start-up A.L.I. Technologies - was unveiled during a test-flight on an empty racetrack in the foothills of Mt Fuji in Japan.
  10. The robot was connected to a culture of brain neurons, also known as nerve cells, that were grown from living cells by researchers at the University of Tokyo.
  11. Football field-size photoreactors would be built on Mars that could produce fuel from cyanobacteria using sunlight, carbon dioxide and froze water found on the Red Planet.
  12. Fountains Abbey, a ruined Cistercian monastery near Ripon in North Yorkshire, had two buildings dedicated to tanning operations, say experts. Tanning is converting animal skin into leather.
  13. A series of aftershocks from an earthquake in 2015 around the Ogasawara Islands (pictured) registered deep in the Earth's lower mantle, including one that reached 467 miles down.
  14. The Model 3 sedan and Model Y compact SUV are now $2,000 more, bringing their starting prices to $43,990 and $56,990. The Model S and Model X increased by $5,000 each to $94,990 and $104,990.
  15. Weather permitting, lift-off atop a Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for 2:21 AM EDT (07:21 GMT) on Sunday October 31 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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