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  1. Google's massive size allows it to invest in future technologies without worrying about 'short-term profits,' CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview with CNN Business on Thursday.
  2. Richard Dinan announced that the technology for nuclear fusion would soon be available in his rented warehouse on a business park on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, writes JANE FRYER.
  3. The tool is able to detect edits to images, such as those that would go unnoticed to the naked eye, especially in doctored deepfake videos. What's more, it can also 'revert' them back to normal.
  4. A tandeom of security firms have confirmed that hackers behind harrowing attacks on critical infrastructure have been eyeing targets in the US power grid throughout the last several months.
  5. At E3, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a slew of games set to arrive in cars, including one that lets players control a virtual vehicle using the actual steering wheel in the driver's seat.
  6. Developers of the direct fusion drive, which harnesses a long fabled form of nuclear fusion, say their technology could cut travel time for a spacecraft headed to Saturn down from seven to two years.
  7. Ambitious climate hacking schemes could either go wrong, or have unexpected side effects elsewhere in the world, with the potential to be poorly received on the international stage.
  8. A new report has discovered thousands of images of drivers and vehicles swept up in a US border hack on the dark web. That's despite CBP's insistence that no images were on the internet.
  9. A deposit return scheme in the UK could prevent thousands of tons of waste entering rivers and the sea by 2030, according to analysis of the government's waste strategy.
  10. The iPhone 11 will cost customers hundreds more because the majority of Apple's gadgets are made in China, but the trade war means Apple may be forced to move production elsewhere.
  11. Researchers from the University of Milan have found that the German astronomer Johannes Kepler may have dabbled with alchemy because of metals found on his manuscript pages.
  12. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said the agency will need to summon between $20 billion to $30 billion throughout the next five years in order to hit its goal of landing in 2024.
  13. Apple may be set to make all its current charger cables and accessories obsolete. The tech giant is debating moving on from its current lightning cables and moving to USB-C for its forthcoming iPhone.
  14. Huawei has been accused of pushing adverts onto the lockscreen of some of its mobile phones after some users complained of suddenly being served the adverts without warning.
  15. Members of Lashkar et Taibar were recruited for the experiment in Barcelona, which studied brain activity and core values. The research highlights the difficulties of trying to 'deradicalisation'.

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