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  1. The social platform announced Reddit Public Access Network, a weeklong experiment that will allow users to post live-streaming video between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time.
  2. Researchers say using the machine is equivalent to reducing a person's metabolic work rate by 9.3 percent when walking and about 4 percent when running, which is like losing 12 to 17 lbs.
  3. According to a website that's been tracking its journey since day one, Musk's Roadster and the dummy 'Starman' are now more than 185 million miles from Earth.
  4. Researchers from the University of California tracked 36 people aged 71 to 80 found they could outperform much younger unpractised people after 1,000 practice sessions.
  5. The bug was previously identified by Google analysts and patched in iOS 12.3, but a recent transition to 12.4 which was released in June, has given the more than 100-day-old flaw new life.
  6. The firm, set up by City of London entrepreneur Michael Spencer, announced a total investment of $10 million from its founders and a further $10 million each from core investors.
  7. A dig in Lyminge, near Folkestone, has unearthed a stone church built from stone around 633AD by the Christian pioneer Ethelburga of Kent, the second wife of King Edwin.
  8. NASA's Hubble observatory satellite found the luminous star last week when it was surveying the Orion constellation. Orion is visible in Britain from November to February.
  9. Researchers from McMaster University examined female colonies of the spider known as Anelosimus studiosus, which lives along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States and Mexico.
  10. Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, released footage of the effect - a visual equivalent to the 'sonic boom' - at work.
  11. Researchers from Switzerland and Italy delivered an electric current directly to the optic nerve of rabbits via an electrode called OpticSELINE (pictured).
  12. Experts from the University of Vienna analysed the sleeping patterns of migratory Garden Warblers at a stopover site in the Mediterranean using thermal imaging cameras.
  13. It was the most prize money a single person had ever won at  New York's famous Flushing Meadows tennis stadium, but Kyle Giersdorf wasn't playing in the U.S. Open when he won £2.4million
  14. Parenthood makes people happier - but only after their offspring have moved out, says Christopher Becker from Heidelberg University, who examined data from a recent European survey.
  15. Research shows a kimchi drink sold in South Korea helps thicken existing hairs and in some cases new hairs grew within weeks. The dish consists of cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices.

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