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Stay up-to-date with the latest science and technology news from Daily Mail including scientific discoveries, pictures, new technology, and more.
  1. Google is trying to cut out the 'middle man' by disallowing logins from embedded browsers -- a move they will add an extra layer of cyber security.
  2. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will be the latest in a string of legacy messaging app to go the way of the dinosaur according to a blog post from the app's overseers, Emtek.
  3. No policy has been created to protect carbon storage in the ocean, which is Earth’s largest carbon sink, explains Heidi Pearson, from the University of Alaska Southeast.
  4. Researchers from London say it has experienced a resurgence in the last century - going from being found in 11.2 per cent of the global population in 1918 to 39 per cent in 2018.
  5. Netflix is making it easier for users to unwind with their favorite show after a long day of work. 'Random Play' lets users click on a thumbnail of their show and a random episode will play.
  6. The firm now offers a free, ad-supported streaming plan that lets users play music for free on their Echo device. Users can access more than two million songs through the new service.
  7. A NASA announcer declares 'And we have liftoff of the Antares NG-11 but mission to the ISS,' Facebook's auto-captions conveyed, 'And we have liftoff of the guitarist G 11 mission to the ice sets.'
  8. Code spotted in Instagram's Android app shows that the firm could be getting rid of like counts on posts. Instead, only the original poster would be able to see how many users like their photo.
  9. Users of Amazon's Fire Stick and Google's Chromecast will be happy to know that a fight limiting their capability to use flagship apps from both companies has been put to rest.
  10. The bizarre discovery comes as an accidental discovery by scientists at Chicago's Field Museum who were trying to find an easier way to tell different species apart.
  11. Researchers from Boston University said every extra hour of exercise on top of the recommended 250-minute weekly average could wipe an extra year off someone's brain age.
  12. California-based scientists went through a vast a catalogue of data and found 1.81 million earth tremors. Equating to 495 a day and one every 174 seconds.
  13. Underwater cameras and microphones recorded sounds and interactions between the dolphins at fish market in the Brazilian town of Mocajuba.
  14. The FBI - and other US law enforcement agencies - have been using the Next Generation Identification-Interstate Photo System since 2015.
  15. Twenty years ago, archaeologists found the ruins of a brewery in Peru from the Wari Empire. From studying the drinking vessels they found that they were used to drink a beer-like beverage.

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